Introduction of District Governor

Revised copy as at 19.7.22

It is my pleasure to give an introduction of our district governor:
A tough lady who believes in all possibilities, perseverance and patience.
Once a full-time housewife, whose daily activities revolved only around her two children.
But holding the belief that women can do more than that, she took a leap of faith and stepped out into the society. Initially, as a part time English tuition teacher, she went on to set up the first English speaking kindergarten in Sibu with her friends, from where she started her business venture and became a business woman. To date, she still serves on the board of directors of a governmental primary school and a private international school in Sibu, continuing contributing to education and helping to develop talents for future generations.
Coming from just an ordinary family, her parents couldn’t afford to send her to university. However, it was always her dream to get a degree. Just when both her children went overseas to pursue their tertiary education, she signed up for a distance-learning degree course with the University of East London and graduated at the age of 48 with a bachelor’s degree honours in business studies. Her son is a lawyer and her daughter is an engineer. She is living proof that nothing is impossible to a willing heart.
Believing in the power of charity, she is active in community work. She has served as councillor in Sibu, and is currently a registrar of marriage and a Kapitan.
She joined Lions 16 years ago, and has always been an active member and very supportive of Lions activities. She has served as club president three times, and during all three times she served as club president, her club was awarded with Top Club Award. Lions Club of Sibu Dudong is chartered by her. She also is a progressive Melvin Jones Fellow. With at least one MJF donation per year for 16 years, her contribution of MJF is among the highest in our district, and she has recently been awarded by LCIF with a 3 Yellow Sapphires White Gold PMJF pin in recognition of her long-time support for LCIF.
She is a person who is passionate about life and who lives out her passion. “Serve with Passion” is her motto, for she has got that Lions spirit up in her head, deep in her heart and all over her.
She is forever passionate about Lions, and always full of energy, adventurous and cheerful, and always having the can-do and will-do attitude. This is our district governor, Kapitan Connie Loh Ming Hua, whom I am proud to present to you.
Fellow Lions, please give her a round of applause to welcome her to our stage.