About us

Position Name
District Governor Kapitan Connie Loh Ming Hua
Immediate Past District Governor Lydia Lu Siew Fong
First Vice District Governor Ronny Hiew Ah Choi
Second Vice District Governor Annie Ho Chui Leng
District Honorary Advisor PCC Cheng Yik Siong
GLT District Coordinator/Protocol/Lions Informations PDG James Teo
GMT District Coordinator PDG Augustine Ngu Liong Ing
GST District Coordinator Albert Tiang Ming Ing
GET District Coordinator Alex Yii Aik Siong
LCIF District Coordinator Datuk Hii Teck Yun
Cabinet Secretary & DC Information Technology Terence Chen Cheng Horng
Cabinet Treasurer Karen Cho Hui Kuin
Region 1 Chairperson Chua Kheng Hian
Region 2 Chairperson Dixon Chiu Kuong Woo
Region 3 Chairperson Louis Ting Hui Ing
Region 4 Chairperson Kapitan Jee Kee Hiong
Region 5 Chairperson Lee Seah Mei
Region 6 Chairperson Dato Winnie Lee Siew Ping
Region 7 Chairperson Danny Chin Chee Khen
Region 8 Chairperson Francis Lo Ming Kong
Zone 1 Chairperson Marie Isabel Lim Mei Yii
Zone 2 Chairperson Bong Siaw Ern
Zone 3 Chairperson Irene Pui Chay Fung
Zone 4 Chairperson Thomas Yii Siong Loong
Zone 5 Chairperson Daniel Lim Chuong Wee
Zone 6 Chairperson Jacky Tan Ming Thai
Zone 7 Chairperson Vincent Lau Sie Chang
Zone 8 Chairperson Sam Ting Jin Sim
Zone 9 Chairperson Johnson Wee Peng Lam
Zone 10 Chairperson Lau Soo Moi
Zone 11 Chairperson Kho Tiong Mee
Zone 13 Chairperson Jessica Lee Chin Pei
Zone 12 Chairperson Xavier Yap Tshun Fung
Zone 14 Chairperson Chea Hoong Tak
Zone 15 Chairperson Rizawani Fiona
Zone 16 Chairperson Carmen Tang
Zone 17 Chairperson Jessie Wong
Zone 18 Chairperson Datuk Kenneth Boon
Zone 19 Chairperson Voo Min Gin
Zone 20 Chairperson Bryan Salazar
DC District Fellows Joan Ngu Ming Ming
DC Activities&Awards (Sarawak) Stephen Chuo Kock Sing
DC Activities&Awards (Brunei Darussalam, Sabah&WP Labuan) Joel Lee Jia Jun
DC Paediatric Cancer Awareness/Action(Sarawak) Aini Kho Siat Pei
DC Paediatric Cancer Awareness/Action(Brunei Darussalam, Sabah&WP Labuan) Rebecca Chong
DC Relief The Hunger ( Sarawak ) Dato’ Sri Wong Yew Hui
DC Relief The Hunger (Brunei Darussalam, Sabah&WP Labuan) Dr. Andrew Sim Yee Sheng
DC Diabetes Awareness/Action ( Sarawak ) Joseph Tang Sing Hong
DC Diabetes Awareness/Action(Brunei Darussalam, Sabah & WP Labuan) Datuk Margaret Lim Henn Jin
DC Environment ( Sarawak ) Ngu Tung King
DC Environment ( Brunei Darussalam, Sabah & WP Labuan ) Josephine Pang Siew Phin
DC Sight Preservation Awareness Action(Sarawak) Diana Kiing Hie Ling
DC Sight Preservation Awareness Action(Brunei Darussalam, Sabah & WP Labuan) Joseph Teo Chen Ching
DC Hearing Preservation Awareness/Action(Sarawak) Damian Kho Thong Nyap
DC Hearing Preservation Awareness/Action (Brunei Darussalam, Sabah & WP Labuan) Anny Poh Mee Peng
DC Lions Services for Children(Sarawak) Lina Hu Choo Ling
DC Lions Services for Children(Brunei Darussalam, Sabah & WP Labuan) Judy Wong Chin Yen
DC Drug Awareness(Sarawak) Anthony Chua Chi Siang
DC Drug Awareness(Brunei Darussalam, Sabah & WP Labuan) Jessie Chong Yok Lin
DC Rural Project(Sarawak) Ling Mee Ngiik
DC Rural Project(Brunei Darussalam, Sabah & WP Labuan) Rekha Notaney
DC Cultural & Community Activities(Sarawak) Malcom Hii Hiong Yiing
DC Cultural & Community Activities(Brunei Darussalam, Sabah&WP Labuan) Carl Eddison Ahlieu
DC Club Registration/EROS(Sarawak) Ting Ling
DC Club Registration/EROS(Brunei Darussalam, Sabah&WP Labuan) Chan Boon Thian
DC Leo Clubs(Sarawak) Helena Lim Pek Choo
DC Leo Clubs(Brunei Darussalam, Sabah&WP Labuan) Alyssa Lim Siew Wei
DC Youth Camp/ Exchange ( Sarawak ) Chong Nam Fah
DC Youth Camp/ Exchange ( Sabah / Brunei Darussalam WP Labuan ) Judy Ngui
DC Family/ Women Development(Sarawak) Wong Eng Siong
DC Family/ Women Development(Brunei Darussalam, Sabah & WP Labuan) Helena Chai Su Lan
DC Friend of Lions Dr.Moon Chin Nyat Ngo
DC Marketing Harry Lee Tian Song
DC E-Bulletin & Newsletter Reuben Brandon Lee Huan Chung
DC Alert Eric Yee Kuok Enng
DC Convention Alex Cheong Yuen Fatt
DC Constitution & By-Law Alex Boon Thai Woo
DC Peace Poster Stanley Ling Bee Chong
DC Media & Publicity Alexander Koh Chew Tung
DC RAP-Reading Action Programme Willie Chuo Siong Sieng
DC International Relationship PDG Tan Tsu Kun
DC Lions Opportunities for Youth Thomas Wong Pak King
DC Fellowship Cecilia Ling Hie Ing
DC Blood Donation & Organ Pledge Raymond Wong Sie Sing
DC Quest / Education Roger Sii Hsiao Wen