Lions Certified Instructor Program (LCIP) / Faculty Development Institute (FDI)/ Advanced Lions Leadership Institute (ALLI)

Leadership Development Institute
2022-2023 Schedule for Constitutional Area 5
Application form will be available soon at LCI website soon after the LCI Convention, stay tune, for those who interested to apply, please mark your date first

Lions Certified Instructor Program (LCIP)
Location : Singapore
Date : 24-27 February 2023
Application dateline : 26 November 2022
Note : There will be 2 English classrooms with 10 participants and 2 faculty each classroom due to LCIP was not able to be organised in FY 2021-2022.

Faculty Development Institute (FDI)
Location : Osaka, Japan
Date : 28-30 April 2023
Application dateline : 28 January 2023
Note : There will be 1 English classrooms with 20 participants and 2 faculty

Advanced Lions Leadership Institute (ALLI)
Location : Bangkok, Thailand
Date : 24-26 March 2023
Application dateline : 24 December 2022
Note : There will be 1 classrooms with maximum 25 participants and 2 faculty

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